Nioxin Diamax - one of my secrets when styling Vanessa Lachey's hair

I have been working with Vanessa Lachey and Nioxin to help spread the word about Diamax. Its an amazing new hair treatment that actually increases each existing hair strand! There is NO other product like this. It is proven scientifically, but most of all I have seen it work on my own hair and my clients hair!


Diamax has come about in perfect timing for Vanessa Lachey, not that Vanessa is losing hair strands, but through wear and tear of her hair being styled (and because we live on different coastlines) her hair diameter is thinning causing her hair to be weak. And weak hair causes breakage - So Diamax saves the day by making each strand thicker again leaving it soft and manageable as well.


Goto to win a free bottle! 7 days left!



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Betsy Reyes Hair...I'm back!

Hi! Its been so long since I last blogged. I promise I haven't been slacking.... Ok maybe I snuck in a vacation. But I have been running around NYC with my hair kit going from client to client. I have been spending a lot of work time with Suchin Pak who is working for Daily Candy. American Music Awards are coming up! And I also am collaborating with Vanessa Minnillo on something. News will be out shortly... Stay tuned.


Oh yeah, thanks for visiting up new website. You like?!!!

Big shout out to The Marketing Boutique by Maxa Events.

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Vanessa Minnillo's Wedding Hair

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